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"Light Becomes Her"


20" x 20"Oil on Canvas






Available from Personal


The subject is of a young woman reclining into the light of a decorative sheer drawn window as the light overtakes her.


A metaphor is established in that she has become enlightened from the knowledge in the form of light which I personally witnessed in a near death experience.


This is why we find the circular patterns from the window presented upon her loose clothing and skin - representing the transformation of information to her soul.


As you look closely, everything representing the transformation of light upon its surface includes circular patterns representing gained spiritual knowledge. The cool blue surface tones and straight lines of the wall panels are intentionally distorted, giving the viewer a sense of multi-dimensionality. Dark, outline strokes shape the material world underlying this stolen moment of soulful meditation.

As a classically-trained artist, I learned to paint in all styles and genre. This painting combines several styles including impressionism, figurative, and in a sense, modern pointillism in attempt to blur the lines between artistic styles.

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