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make it easy for interior and conceptual designers to incorporate an original painting mocked-up digitally to show my clients BEFORE any decisions are made.

Christian really knows how to work with designers as his talent enables him to express his creativity while complementing my design concepts.
I highly recommend Christian’s commissioned work for designers, galleries and the fine art collector."

- Christina Cox / Interior Designer VISIT HER HERE


Sly is contacted for commissioned work via collectors, galleries and interior designers for both corporate and private venues. Sly often creates a “comp” or high-quality sketch of the painting for client approval before the contract signing. This secures both artist-client understanding of each project as well as an approved guide for Christian to paint by.


A large variety of samples and comps can be provided within one week. Comps are sketched or printed and mounted for client approval. Painting completion times vary depending upon difficulty level and current workload.  For more information, contact us today.


10 Piece Collection: SBC Global / AT&T

8 Piece Collection: Mercedes Benz Corporation

4 Piece Collection: American Airlines

4 Piece Collection: Dallas Cowboys Organization

6 Piece Collection: Delta Air Lines

2 Piece Collection: Carolina Panther Stadium

CR Smith Museum

Delta Airlines CEO Ronald Allen

Southwest Airlines CEO Herb Kelleher

10 Piece Collection for SBC Global / AT&T

AT&T 1994 CEO

John Travolta / Actor

Janine Turner / Actor

Various NFL Football League Players:

Jay Novachek

Larry Cole

Emmett Smith

Tony Dorsett

Demarcus Ware

CJ Kuntz Art Collection: features Henry Mattise, Gaugan, Monet, Picasso, Calder, Remington, Chagall etc)

Mark Goodwin / First Horizon CEO

City of Las Colinas Mustang Collection Gallery

Christian Sly



Collected by both Corporate and Private Collections including Sports Entertainment Celebrities and CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies for over 22 years - Christian Sly has been a "Master Painter" and professional artist since the young age of 16.

Creating masterful art in Oils, Watercolor, Graphite, Mixed Media, Digital Video, Fine Photography, Environmental Graphics, 

Christian Sly shares the wall with historic artists such as Dali, Mattisse, Calder and Picasso - having his first private showing at the age of 18.

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