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40" x 60" Oil Glazing on Canvas 1995




Available: American Airlines CR SMITH Museum

Limited Edition Lithographs 1000 Sold Out

Many large corporations and museums such as American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines have collected and commissioned Sly's art.

"The Guppy" was a special aircraft for American Airlines as it was the one and only 747 that the company acquired and used in flight. I have literally witnessed tears brought to the eyes of the pilots and crew that loved this memorable aircraft."

This painting was held in such high regard amongst American Airlines employees, that a limited edition 1000 lithographic prints were created and signed by the artist for distribution. All prints were sold in the same year they were produced.


A very time intensive 85 painting hours painting with a technique called "glazing." This comprised of layering  hundreds of independent, delicate layers of magenta, green, blue and orange upon the base colors to ultimately blend together as a photorealistic work of art. When light is projected onto this painting, hundreds of specular levels combine in concert - bringing this moment to life for the viewer.

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