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7' x 14' Oil on Canvas with Gold Leaf Accents

Commissioned by a Law Firm in Dallas Texas.

When I was commissioned by one of the largest law firms in Dallas Texas - They requested my vision of a painting that represented "strength, unity, equality and justice."

This painting is featured as the first focal point when entering the office, so this piece needed to reflect first impression appeal for this brand.

I used a modeling paste to bring the wood thickness and texture to the image, while gold leaf assisted in highlighting and guiding the viewer around the intricate designs.

I mixed monochrome colors along with gradient glazes over the justice imagery to represent the grey areas of justice and the strong and confident actions needed to achieve it.

Texas plays an important role as they are a leading supporter of large corporations in the southern region, and I wanted to reflect loyalty on both sides for that - in the brand and for the people.

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