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72" x 120" Oil and Gold Leaf on Canvas 2022

Realism / Gold Leaf

Available for Gallery Exhibition or Private Collections

One of Sly's primary intentions when creating works of art is the need to push the limits beyond 2 dimensional art.

"Transformation Two" represents an incredible experience in my life just after a near death experience.


"After I found myself on the other side and returned to my physical reality, I witnessed information in constant motion around me like ever changing music notes."

Continuing the representation of my experience of the "duality" of the spiritual world in which I gained a momentary glimpse and back to the physical world - everything would change to me for a lifetime.


This painting depicts the complete submergence into the spiritual world's language from this side - in which I now experience spiritual information

This painting is one of a series of paintings in this theme and available for gallery appearances or sale to a private collection.

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