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40" x 60" Oil and Gold Leaf on Canvas 2022

Realism / Gold Leaf

Available for Gallery Exhibition

One of Sly's primary intentions when creating works of art is the need to push the limits beyond 2 dimensional art.

"Transformation One represents an incredible experience in my life when I had a near death experience.


"As I found myself on the other side, I was overwhelmed by the most incredible feelings of love, moving imagery and musical sounds. It was all in the form of information."

There are many layers to this piece as were his brief afterlife experience. The creation of multi-dimensions are portrayed using several techniques including gold leafing, painted gold, and multiple layers of glazing technique to bring the etherial feel to this work. Almost holographic, individual gold elements show themselves depending on the light and angle while standing before the art.

"This was one of the ways I am able to successfully depict my near death experience without the use of video or motion pictures." This technique alone has allowed Sly to successfully convey his experience through paint and gold.

The female subject in the painting is embracing and absorbing  the "information" that he experienced first hand while "with the angels."

This painting is currently the keystone for his current gallery series theme. 

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